Pornograpy Addiction Support Group
P.A.S.G. division of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program
About Us

Welcome to our site:  We are now serving as missionaries, and group leaders in the Church's P.A.S.G. program which is an acronym for  (Pornography Addiction Support Group)  Our calling has given us great motivation in providing a place to come and learn what is out there in the world, to help Latter- Day Saints and the rest of our brothers and sisters recover from this plague of Pornography which is so prevalent in our society.

"Im sorry for the pain you are going through, addiction is a real bummer.  As we give our lives up to addiction, we give our agency to Satan, and he isn't  nice about what he does with it.  He throws us around and beats us up every way he can.  He is not a good master.  It's too bad we have to experience so much pain and cause others so much pain before we begin to learn that lesson.
I want to welcome you to this fellowship of damaged, hurting, but recovering Saints.  Either through our own actions or the actions of our loved ones we have been brought together in our search for peace, and invariably we have found that the Savior is the only place we can find that peace.  I'm glad that you are joining us" 
(quote by Phil Harrision- in response to an addict in 2005 - Heart t Heart on line forum)
He was speaking about the Heart t Heart program which is the template our Church used in it addiction recovery program.  The Church owes a big thank-you to Heart-t-Heart

I echo his words! 

The material on this site came from many places, thanks to those who have given their permission to link to their sites, and for those who have shared what they have learned with me, and now with you


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